At one of the largest trade fairs in Germany CMT Stuttgart 2023, Robeta presented its new Adonis vehicle. With its presentation at the Dusseldorf 2022 fair, the Slovenian manufacturer made sure that it will continue to be talked about - at that time they presented the Schumacher Edition model on the Mercedes Benz chassis, which was created in collaboration with former F1 star Ralf Schumacher.

The Slovenian company Robeta once again pushed the boundaries and introduced a new campervan to the market, which confirmed that small Slovenia can compete with the biggest and strongest players in the caravanning market. The Adonis model became the company's second model on the Mercedes Benz chassis and made sure that it did not lag behind its 7.36m long predecessor "Robeta Schumacher Edition". The vehicle was first presented by the Robeta company at the fair in Stuttgart, where it attracted a lot of attention and interest, as the model represents new dimensions of prestige and at the same time comfort at home. His name "Adonis" has deep roots in Greek mythology, as this name belonged to the god of beauty and attractiveness - Adonis under the auspices of Robeta easily matches all the attributes of the Greek deity. The vehicle surprised me with its conventional floor plan and innovative and designer-perfect interior. The 5.93 m long vehicle with a standard engine power of 190PS represents the very top of the Robeta model fleet and is synonymous with luxury and prestige, on the other hand, due to its compactness, innovative ideas, and its utility, it is the ideal partner both for everyday use and for long and adventure travel as a couple or with the family. The Campervan will be available in all six color versions of the interior, which you can already see in the existing Robeta models. The first vehicles in the series are already in production, and a four-wheel drive version is expected to follow soon.

Vehicle interior and equipment

According to Mr. Igor Pirtovšek, commercial director of Robeta, this campervan is special because it contains quite a few innovations and unique solutions that are a real surprise for the entire international market. The vehicle is already fully equipped and configured, it has all possible standard equipment, which also includes the original Mercedes radio navigation system and a bunch of all possible assistance and safety systems (blind spot detection, 360 degree camera, radar cruise control, etc.). In addition, Adonis also has automatic closing, electric sliding doors, LED (high performance) daytime running lights and much more. In addition to the heroic name and masculine exterior, the interior of the vehicle is a special surprise. The living area can boast of a 100 Ah LiON battery, a 230W solar system, electric valves for the discharge of waste and drinking water and an integrated digital screen with which you can control and control all electrical devices in the vehicle. "Adonis is equipped with materials and furniture that do not hide its modern and contemporary identity. In the kitchen, you will be able to find a kitchen storage surface made of "Kerrock" (marble look), and in the living room there are two additional high-quality individual integrated seats that allow four people to travel," adds Mr. Pirtovšek, who believes that Robeta still has enormous potential for development and penetration into new markets.

The model contains a lot of innovations, especially here it is necessary to emphasize the kitchen storage surface made of "Kerrock" and the hidden pull-out sinks. The bathroom with its innovative 180-degree double-winged glass door, which enables a completely new perception of the use of the bathroom space by integrating the living area, also attracted a lot of interest. The left door wing of the bathroom also serves as a night partition between the living and sleeping areas. At this point, it is also necessary to mention a huge number of design solutions, as well as the toilet electric ceramic shell, which works according to the "macerator" system with its individual waste tank, seen on larger and prestigious motorhomes.

More about Robeta

The company Robeta d.o.o. We are a young, motivated team that wants to offer our customers something more - a vehicle of our own Robeta Mobil brand, made according to the wishes and taste of our customers. We approach the conversion precisely and professionally, but above all we want to leave the stamp of hand-made in the vehicle, the advantages of which are visible in the installation work, the work of the upholsterer and in the production of furniture. We are flexible with regard to additional installation of windows, different bed layouts, etc. In the production facilities, where the conversion takes place, we are ready to show the production process to all buyers who show interest in a Robeta Mobil vehicle, and invite them to see the vehicles being converted.


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